Training and Education Services

The Helios Training Team

The Helios Training Team leverages its operational experiences in all aspects of GEOINT, SIGINT, EW, MASINT, CYBER and HUMINT tradecraft to provide a total solution to our Clients in a space we call ‘Helios University’. Our training focuses on the full spectrum of Intelligence and Cyberspace activities with emphasis on low-visibility and reduced-signature operations. Helios specializes in hunting in the Human Terrain regardless of the technology employed by both our Clients and their adversaries. Our education professionals lead Programs of Instruction designed to provide technical training, mentorship, and authentic operational perspective specifically tailored to the front-line missions facing today’s Special Operations elements, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and Intelligence professionals.

Helios incorporates behavioral psychology, team building techniques, and rigorous academic inquiry into its training offerings, regardless of the delivery format. For traditional academic instruction, we offer both brick and mortar classroom instruction, and online instruction through our portal, the Helios Interactive Training System. HITS provides distance education and prerequisite training for students prior to arrival for classroom instruction; supplemental modules and homework for current course enrollees; and post-course instruction support once students have returned to their home organizations.

There is no substitute for authentic and challenging training; Helios excels at offering realistic and complex role-playing exercises, often requiring precision hands-on practical application of combat platforms and systems. Our Subject Matter Experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience executing close target reconnaissance, close access operations, and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance operations in various environments via ground, air, and maritime domains. Our confidence in delivering trustworthy training faithful to Special Operations combat profiles is built upon our deep roots in the Special Operations community across all echelons of our military service branches.

Providing Professional Educators

The instructors, facilitators, and trainers behind Helios Training and Education Services have widespread experience “On Podium” in formal military training environments and maintain current industry certifications in key technologies. Helios is unique in the defense contract market for employing instructors with graduate degrees in Teaching and Education from leading US and International universities. Combining first-hand experience training military adult learners with classical pedagogical research and instruction ensures Helios’ educational services are grounded in solid academic principles, presented in compelling formats, and delivered by dedicated, professional educators.

Helios Interactive Training System (HITS)

HITS is an innovative new training portal that we are working on at Helios.  We expect it will be ready for delivery to customers within the next calendar year.  Stay in touch for updates.

Hunting the Human Terrain

In the technology-dense, ever-evolving and complex threat landscape of today, one thing remains consistent: the target is not the technology, rather it is the user behind the device. Compositing multiple intelligence disciplines, Helios teaches beyond single-scope technologies drawn along strict lines in the digital terrain; Helios builds Operators who pursue all available signatures, indicators, and sources of metadata to focus on the ultimate objective – to keep the hunt in the human terrain.

Delivering Complex Training

The warfighter of today must to adapt and prepare for combat operations in highly-contested, lethal environments against peer and near-peer adversaries aggressively pursuing parity and overmatch. Helios develops and delivers training operational environments rife with complex variables to challenge the warfighter with tough, realistic, and repeatable training while staying faithful to the assigned mission set of the trainee’s home organization.