Engineering Services

The Helios Engineering Team

Engineering is the incubator of innovation at Helios. Our team of proven engineers and software programmers pay perfect complement to our operational and functional consultancy by building the solutions identified and recommended by our analysts. Our Engineers take the Helios Method to the next logical step by assisting our Clients develop sound, repeatable test plans; perform focused and accurate operational assessments of ISR systems; diagnose and optimize systems internals processes; and develop engineering plans and functional design implementations. Helios Engineering is also the bedrock of our training programs, ensuring that new course material and delivered solutions are thoroughly understood, trained authoritatively, and advertised accurately to our Clients.

Test Plans

Helios Test Planning builds off analyst work, identifying relevant literature and engineering principles to efficiently isolate variables and methodically test systems limits and thresholds.

Functional Design Implementations

Combat systems rarely stand alone; instead they are sets of interlocking technologies calibrated to achieve battlefield effects under specific conditions. Helios Engineering researches and designs full solutions for EMI/EMC and SWAP-C considerations with the warfighter always at the forefront of our planning.

System Internals Analysis

Helios goes beyond “Black Box” testing, not only observing how equipment under test performs, but searching for why a system’s internal processes lead to the observed results.

Training Assistance and Support

The Engineering team plays a vital role reviewing emerging technology and serving as our resident science advisors, ensuring new training packages accurately depict theory fundamentals and teach “good science” to our Clients.