Cyber Security Services

The Helios Cyber Security Team

Helios knows better than anyone the thin purple line between security and compromise. Our Trainers, Analysts, and Engineers bare substantial civil and military history serving some of the largest security agencies and organizations in the US Federal Government. Our Cyber Security team members have real-world experience employing the Risk Management Framework; ensuring Information Assurance and adherence to Federal Oversight and Compliance laws; and designing Windows and Linux-based networks in and across multiple security domains for the Department of Defense. Our trainers have utilized some of the most advanced active and passive cyber tools at the strategic and theater-support levels, as well during tactical, close-access operations. Helios’ Cyber Security services are postured to help our Clients reduce their attack surface while maximizing access to and the integrity of their core business functions.

Risk Management Framework

Helios relentlessly pursues vulnerability discovery, risk mitigation, and system hardening through the Risk Management Framework. Our CISSP-certified Risk Management team members are highly effective at decomposing vulnerabilities and selecting controls for their efficacy, necessity, and cost. 

Security Domain Solutions

Building a sophisticated network of information systems is as nuanced as building a winning network of Clients, partners, and employees. The Helios Cyber team unwinds complex, interlocking issues of user rights, privileges, physical locations, and need-to-know to build resilient and secure networks compliant with standards for the target security domain. Cross-Domain Solutions are meticulously planned, red-teamed, and hardened to prevent data spills, unauthorized access, and privilege escalation violations, preserving the Client’s ability to conduct mission-essential operations.

Information Assurance

Compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standard Publication and staying congruent to the Federal Information Security Modernization act is essential to all of our Clients. Helios’ defense solutions smartly build-in security and compliance mechanisms from the very beginning, leaving Clients more time and resources to focus on their core competencies and business operations.

Cyber Tools

Our trainers have used the full field of active and passive tools available for some of the toughest cyber objectives. Combining technical proficiency with tradecraft and innovation, our training courses teach principles of digital signature reduction, datapoint collection, and simple yet effective ways to build the Cyber Common Operating Picture while maintaining a low profile.