Operational & Functional Analysis Consultancy

The Helios Analysis Team

All Helios products and solutions begin with rigorous decomposition of Client problem-sets using our own, time-proven analysis methodology. The Helios Method is hypothesis-based, empirically-investigative, and results-driven. Helios starts with our Client’s desired end state, and then plans backward using our mature, structured methodology to deconstruct and re-frame problems into achievable lines of effort. Helios prides itself on playing the ‘honest broker’ to our Clients and consistently formulates courses of action which balance time, quality, cost, and grade while achieving the target outcome.


The basis for all Helios solutions and products is a strong, testable hypothesis. Analysts ensure hypotheses are grounded in current scientific discovery and are validated by their ability to be proven false.


All facts are friendly, but not all facts lead to a Solution. Helios rigorously analyses experimental and test data to arrive at The Big Picture – has the hypothesis and the test results moved us any closer to solving the Client’s problem?

Empirically Investigative

Problem sets distilled to a working hypothesis are investigated with conservative skepticism, pursuing testing and experiments which produce measurable, repeatable data points.

The Honest Broker

The Helios Method thrives on trust and honesty. Our Solutions present our Clients with a wide range of options to balance cost, time, quality, and grade while achieving the desired outcome.