About Us

The Shield personifies the safety and security we provide. 

It also is in the shape of an "H" for Helios.

The Gold represent:

The standards, Our excellence,

Strength, and Our values.

The Sword is a symbol of our

readiness and ability to maintain

sharp both with recency and relevancy.

Who We Are

We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) employing an 85% Veteran workforce from all branches of service, Helios is uniquely postured to engage the toughest challenges facing the most discerning Government Clients.  Helios Defense Solutions is a leading Intelligence training and services support provider to the US military, Intelligence Community, and Special Operations Forces. We provide tailored services that add value to our clients.

The Helios Defense Solutions team consists of unparalleled technical expertise and combat operators.   As former Senior Military Leaders, Operators, and Analyst, we understand all the intricacies of the Intelligence Operations to conduct a mission effectively and efficiently. Our combat operational experience spans from the Operations Center to conducting ground, air, and maritime operations.  We understand the how critical is the path of data and how it is utilized for time-sensitive decision-making.  

Our professionals understand the enterprise and the frameworks within the DoD. Our first-hand experience with the various agencies, their infrastructures, operational concepts, security, and analytic systems with sensitive applications positions Helios to provide relevant and most recent knowledge to problem solve for our clients.  Our years of developing TTPs and capabilities in an RF and electromagnetic spectrum is very difficult to attain. Our mixture of full-time emerging technology, training, security, testing, and engineering experts postured to employ the latest capabilities with the highest quality. 

More About Us


We believe that Hard work, Loyalty, Integrity, and Service are fostered by Commitment, Competence, and Credibility.  

  • Hard work – Always choose the difficult right over the easy wrong
  • Loyalty – Bear true faith and allegiance to the relationships we pursue
  • Integrity – Do right by people, even when no one is watching
  • Service – Answer to a higher purpose and respond to a higher calling
  • Commitment – Do what you say or say nothing at all
  • Competence – Know your craft and know where to improve
  • Credibility – Build a history worth repeating

Our Vision, Mission and Value

Our Vision

At Helios Defense Solutions our vision is to deliver unsurpassed quality of service that is flexible and customizable to each customer and situation. We achieve that service with a hands-on approach and with the care that directly translates into time and cost savings for our clients. 

Our Mission

To establish a long-lasting partnership with our clients.  Helios’ mission as an organization is to provide tailored solutions to a wide variety of U.S. Government and Private Industry entities that are focused, flexible, and cost-effective.

Our Value

Bringing life to our vision and successfully achieving our company mission is only possible by building a company culture of mutual respect and shared understanding while living our company values.

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