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Technology is always evolving and changing, bringing with it new risks and challenges.  Staying abreast of these trends and capabilities are critical to prepare for our adversaries


The highly evolving technology in today’s world demands innovative approaches to ensure mission success. Our teams are comprised of highly experienced professionals from across the Department of Defense. They have first-hand knowledge and understanding of the various technologies, complex operational mission sets, and continuously evolving security standards that are the catalyst for DoD’s mission-critical solutions.

By adding Helios professional services to support your technology or process initiatives, you gain easy access to decades of experience in operational, designing, and delivering mission-critical solutions. Helios’ efforts are geared toward ensuring value-added, maximizing productivity, and securing the physical and technological environment in a non-disruptive approach to optimizing and enhancing the operational environment.

Emerging Technology Team


Helios’ Emerging Technology Team conducts research, assessment, development, and testing of hardware and software solutions to ensure our client’s requirements are met. This ranges from finding the equipment and software that can fill current and future capability gaps of our customers or developing and testing processes and procedures for specialized equipment to enable efficient and effective application of tools for our clients to meet their objectives.   

Technical and Operator Training


Helios’s ability to produce effective and efficient training is due to our team’s experience, expertise, and passion for the client’s success. Our combat and operational experience and tacit knowledge of conventional and unconventional high threat environments allow us to understand every detail of the client’s requirement.  We are not just Instructors, we are also Mentors and Facilitators who are in tune with various learning habits and adapt our styles along with the utilization of state-of-the-art training aides to provide the optimum learning environment.

Engineering Solutions


Our Engineering is the incubator of innovation at Helios. Our team of proven engineers are seasoned professionals with first-hand experience within the Special Operations community. They are creative and innovative in solving the most challenging problems. They are experts in designing, implementing, and maintaining wireless communication, executing test and evaluation events, application design and development, and establishing complex networks. 

“Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.” – I.A.

Information Technology & Security


As former military professionals with years of experience utilizing and implementing NIST Policies and Procedures to allow handling of the most sensitive data both physically and digitally provide the clients’ confidence in our security management abilities.

The Information Security Team has in-depth knowledge and experience with performing hardening of an on-prem and cloud base infrastructure. With the development of SSPs, and ATOs through a vigorous approach implementing the Risk Management Framework proves we are ideal to get any job done.  We are sensitive to the needs of both the security and operational environment along with the balance required for both to be effective.

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